Jesus & Women for Teen Girls

Jesus & Women for Teen Girls

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Jesus brought comfort, restoration, and salvation to women thousands of years ago. And this gospel hope is available to you today, too. Join biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she takes you back to Jesus’s first-century world, explaining the historical and cultural climate of His day to help you know Him more dearly.  

This 8-session teen Bible study is a thoughtful look at several of Jesus’s interactions with women in the Bible that will fuel your worship of the Living God.  


  • Eight teaching videos featuring author Kristi McLelland, approximately 15 minutes in length — available separately 
  • Leader Guide in the back of the book to guide questions and discussion with small groups 
  • Mom & Daughter Guide included for the mom who wants to walk through this study with her daughter 
  • Personal study segments in the Bible study book to complete between group sessions 
  • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered 
  • 8 group sessions, 8 weeks of personal study 
  • Promotional video and other free leader resources available at 


  • Experience personal spiritual growth through individual time spent in Bible study.
  • ​Gain deeper insight into the biblical world, including fresh perspective on Bible stories. 
  • Explore how Jesus generously restores dignity and honor to women in the 1st century and now. 
  • Learn how to study the Bible, growing in your understanding of who Christ is. 
  • Discover the Bible through the lens of Middle Eastern culture. 

*Additional purchase of the video teaching sessions is recommended for the best experience of this Bible study book.